Rice Spirits

How we make Pearl Red Chinese rice spirit

We strive to achieve quality through continuous improvement. Our Chinese rice spirit making process is held to the highest traditions and standards in line with our philosophy of excellence, sincerity and dedication. We are pleased to share our process with you.

Steaming in Chinese fir containers

As with our rice wine, the rice used in our Chinese rice spirit is steamed in traditional wooden containers made from Chinese fir so that the rice takes on the natural fragrance of the wood. Likewise, the process is strictly monitored from beginning to end, to ensure purity of ingredients and a delightful flavour that makes our spirits so excellent. Our water quality is guaranteed by our stringent monitoring.

Multi-round fermentation

While making spirits, half of the mature fermenting rice mash will be taken out from the clay vessel for distillation, with new fermenting rice added in to mix the two. This process occurs over and over again, guaranteeing there is always old fermenting rice in the clay vessel, thus allowing the flavor to be richer and more stable. This practice is behind the old Chinese phrase 'thousands of years of cellar and fermenting grains' - the mixture is never completely new.

Direct-fire distillation

The spirits of Pearl Red adopt the method of direct-fire distillation, which has been abandoned by most distilleries due to the difficulty of controlling the temperature and thermal power. However, the spirits made through direct-fire distillation are full bodied and unique in flavor. This contributes to the distinctive features of Pearl Red, as compared with the varieties of other distilleries. Nowadays, throughout the world, only a few high-quality distilleries in Scotland and Japan still observe this traditional practice of direct-fire distillation.

Second distillation

In the case of Pearl Red Gem, the second distillation is an important step. After soaking the herbs in rice spirit for 60 to 75 days, the herbs are then separated from the liquid. We first extract the liquid and fill in the distillation container, then place the herbs on the top of that. After the second distillation, the alcohol is controlled at around 40% volume.

Clay vessel storage

The spirits of Pearl Red are all stored in clay vessels, aged with time, to carry a mellow taste. Each bottle of the spirits has a real aging time, with no younger spirits mixed in it, retaining the unique taste of the particular vintage.